Join us for the Wisconsin Governor’s Conference on Tourism 2024 as we celebrate the intersection of the arts and tourism, from the tangible expressions of imagination attracting visitors to the deeper connections of creativity driving the work of place making … and place promoting.   

At their core, tourism and art reflect a community’s identity through experiences and cultural exchange. Travelers draw meaning and memories from both. In fact, the data (we know you love data, and the conference will offer plenty of that, too!) show travelers are more likely to travel — and spend more when they do — when the itinerary includes arts and culture.  

Just as a dance or a paintbrush tells a story through artistic expression, tourism professionals are storytellers of the local experience. We are craftspeople, infusing data-driven strategies with creativity to create a magical balance of science and art that results in economic impact. WIGCOT 2024 will celebrate and embrace these bonds — and honor the momentous 50th anniversary of the Wisconsin Arts Board — under the theme of The Art of Tourism. 

March 10-12, 2024